Geologists of Instagram

Victoria is full of passionate and interesting Geologists! To see what Geologists get up to, from adventures out in the field to discoveries in the lab, follow these crazy cats.


Adelle is a Palaeontologist and creator of ‘fun, colourful jewellery’. She lives and works in Winton, QLD at a cattle station and The Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum. She completed her undergraduate degree in Geosciences at Monash University (~2016). Her specialty is obviously dinosaurs, but especially of the Pterodactyl variety; she even discovered and named this beauty – the ferrodraco Lentoni!


Mel is a Structural Geologist and Metamorphic Petrologist at The School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment at Monash University, works to promote women in Earth Science and is a STA Superstar of STEM! Her speciality is shear zones, a.k.a. how do rocks change and deform when tectonic plates collide?


Casey is a Structural Geologist who has recently completed a PhD at Monash University, using Structural Geology and Geophysics to understand the role of faults in mineralisation near Otago, NZ. Follow her to see what field Exploration Geologists get up to day-to-day!


Ben is a Palaeontologist and Science Communicator who works at Melbourne Museum and Port Phillip Eco Center. He completed his undergraduate degree in Geosciences at Monash University (~2015). His speciality is whales and sharks… especially ones that lived in Melbourne millions of years ago!


Masha is an Exploration Geologist working in Western Australia, and has worked in Regional Victoria and Sweden in Gold Mining. She completed her undergraduate degree in Geosciences at Melbourne University (~2016). Follow her for some delicious drone photos of amazing geological landscapes from around the world!


Hannah is a science communicator and PhD Researcher in the Forest Ecosystems Group at The Australian National University Canberra, having completed her undergraduate degree at Monash University (~2016).


Josh is an Exploration Geologist in Central Victoria and Mining Stocks enthusiast. He completed his undergraduate degree at Monash University (~2015).


Martin is a Structural Geologist with Rio Tinto in Perth who loves sharing snippets from his day job where he uses structural geology to understand why rocks look the way they do!


To see what other amazing Earth Scientists get up to follow @peopleofearthscience, a website created by STEM superstar Emily Finch!