Welcome to Weekend Geology, the home of Geotourism in Victoria.

Victoria has an outrageous geological diversity, recording over 500 million years of geological processes including volcanoes, earthquakes, caves, granite intrusions and rift basins.

Find an adventure that suits you!

Trails and Walks

Great destinations for outdoor enthusiasts and the young and fit, including day- and multi-trip hikes.

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Indigenous Culture

Indigenous oral traditions and stories are closely linked to geological landforms and events. These destinations allow visitors to explore and appreciate these links.

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European History

Whether its natural springs, mining for precious minerals, bushranger hideouts or quarrying for building stone, most sites around Victoria have been touched by European influence.

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Family Friendly

We’re talking safety rails, toilets, shade, picnic tables, short walks and tame drives. No one’s falling off of a cliff or going missing.

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Victoria’s coastline is incredibly diverse, ranging from dramatic cliffs to crystal white beaches. There is a coastal geosite for everyone.

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Lakes and Rivers

Fancy a swim in a lake or a scramble down a creek? How about a walk to a waterfall?

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Instagram Famous

We get it, your instagram followers don’t care how old the road cutting is – they want to see something mind-blowing.

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Road Trips

Georegions are road-trip ready groupings of geosites that often tell an interesting story about the landscape and cultural history.

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Weekend Geology acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which these sites of geological and cultural significance are located. We pay our respects to their Elders, past and present, and the Aboriginal Elders of other communities.

Every effort has been made for each of the guides to identify the traditional owners and explain the cultural significance of the site.