This site has been created for anyone (and their 5 year old) who has ever asked about the ‘what, how, where or when’ of the rocks and landscape of State parks they’ve visited on their weekends.

Start with the interactive map and think about where you’d like to go on the weekend. Select a State Park and bookmark the guide for that park. Then you’re all set to head off and explore the eons!


I am a passionate Geoscientist with interests in science education and communication, community development and geotourism. I have worked as a Geologist across the Lachlan Fold Belt of VIC and NSW in Gold and Copper and I am currently completing a Master of Teaching (Primary and Secondary).

I firmly believe that nature and the outdoors is essential for good health, and the only way to really appreciate and understand geology – or any natural science – is in the field.


This site is supported by the Geological Society of Australia: Victoria Division. The mission of the Geological Society of Australia is to promote and advance Earth Science. This website is all about Geotourism, which is a fantastic way to show off the geology and landscape of Victoria and help people to see the value of Geoscience.

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  1. Greg McNamara says:

    Hi there
    Greg McNamara here – we briefly met at the AGCC.
    I’d like to run an opinion piece about your weekend work for the AGC education newsletter GeoEdLink .. I need 500-1000 words plus some photographs [including one with you in it] asap
    See: http://www.geoed.com.au/AGCnletter/archive.html for examples …


  2. Bpb Winters says:

    My grandson and I are going to have a load of new geological experiences thanks to your website. Thanks


  3. John W says:

    The Melbourne Bushwalkers salute you! Thank you for your wonderful explanations of the Earth Beneath our Walking Feet. http://mbw.org.au


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