Weekend Geology was created by Geologist Lauren Swann as a creative way of sharing her knowledge and passion for the diverse landscapes of Victoria.

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Geologists of Instagram

Victoria is full of passionate and interesting Geologists! To see what Geologists get up to, from adventures out in the field to discoveries in the lab, follow these crazy cats.

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Museum Victoria’s Discovery Centre

Need help to identify a fossil, rock or a weird object? Note the location, take a photo or bring the object in to be formally identified by a museum staff at the Discovery Centre.

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For educators! EarthEd is a specialist Geoscience Education Centre in Ballarat, Victoria. They run on-site and out-reach programs for schools across Victoria.

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Naturalist Clubs

Field naturalist clubs often gather each month to listen to a guest speaker or to go on a field trip. Join to meet other’s interested in Geology!

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Do you know of a super geological site I haven’t covered here? Have you visited a site and have new questions the guide didn’t answer?

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