Dinosaurs in the Otways

For many years palaeontologists, locals and tourists alike have been finding and unearthing a rich history of dinosaur remains along the coast of Victoria and hardly anyone knows about it! The Otway Ranges Coastal Cretaceous site extends all the way from Lorne to Moonlight Head. Most of the locations were found by luck with someone […]

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Werribee Gorge

Werribee Gorge is the perfect place to spend a hot summers day outdoors: swimming at Miekle’s Point Picnic Area, rock climbing at Falcons Lookout, hiking through some of Melbourne’s most ancient rocks or… fold hunting! The geology at Werribee records almost 500 million years (Ma) of Victoria’s geological history. The oldest rocks in the park are the Ordovician […]

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Buchan, a township located in the Shire of East Gippsland 350km east of Melbourne, Victoria is an area of great geological significance in the context of Gondwanan Tectonics during the Palaeozoic. The area lies within the Lachlan Fold Belt which, 500 Ma years ago, was a region of active land accretion (i.e. a lot of Victoria was […]

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Daylesford Mineral Springs

The town of Daylesford is located in the Goldfield’s Region of Victoria, a 1.5 hour drive from Melbourne CBD. It is a place of indulgence and relaxation, chocolates, bookstores, scenic trails and very cool geology! The main attraction to the area, however, are the natural mineral springs which are dotted around the Daylesford area (see map below). There […]

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Wilson’s Promontory National Park

The southern-most tip of the Australia mainland is fantastic for a weekend away- camping, hiking and enjoying unspoilt, white sand beaches. The Prom is a granitic batholith from the lower Devonian. As with the You Yangs, this granitic pluton rose to the crust due to its higher temperature, and lower density. It is thought that it […]

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Cape Liptrap and Waratah Bay

Waratah Bay is one of Victoria’s hidden gems, situated 160 kilometres south east of Melbourne. The bay gets its name from a ship named the SS Waratah captained by William Bell which, in the 1850s, became damaged whilst rounding Wilson’s Promontory, seeking shelter in the bay. Cape Liptrap (Figure 1) is a significant geological teaching site in […]

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Eagle Rock, Aireys Inlet

Eagle Rock is an hour and a half hour drive from Melbourne CBD and a perfect place to visit as part of a road trip along the Great Ocean Road or even a day trip to the beach! The area is also one of two Marine National Parks in the Central Victoria bioregion. The cliffs (pictured) […]

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