How to: Download Google Earth File


To use the Kml files provided you will have to first download Google Earth; Earth Pro for desktop or the Google Earth App in the Android or Iphone App Store.

To access the files, click on the hyperlink under each excursion. The files are compressed in a .zip file.


For Iphone users, you will be asked to open in ‘files’. Add the files to the iCloud Drive.

The iCloud Drive will open the file automatically (otherwise, just select the file). You will be presented with the first screen below – the code of the kml file. Notice ‘1 of 4’ in the top middle, this tells you there are four files to be downloaded.

Press the little ‘open’ button in the bottom left hand corner. This will prompt the second screen, select ‘Copy to Google Earth’.

This should automatically open the layer in Google Earth, as seen in the first screen below. You will need to do this process for each of the files.

Select the menu (three horizontal bars in top left hand corner) and go to My Places. All of the layers you have downloaded should be saved here.


For desktop users, simply download the files then drop them into the open screen of Google Earth!

google maps

If you would prefer to use Google Maps, the process is a bit more involved but easily do-able.

Ensure you are signed into Chrome and type ‘My Maps’ into the Google search-bar. You will be taken to your personal maps. Create a new map.

In the new Untitled Map, select ‘Add Layer’ in the menu screen in the left hand side. Then select ‘Import’. You will be prompted to ‘Choose a file to import’. Drag and drop the layers you want into this box one at a time.

google maps_2

The file should load automatically.

google maps_3