Kitty Miller Bay, Philip Island

Kitty MIller Bay Geological timeline.png

Kitty Miller Bay is a small bay located in the SW corner of Philip Island – a two hour drive from Melbourne CBD. It’s not just any beach though, littered all along the shore line you’ll find some of the oldest rocks Melbourne has to offer, greenstones from the Ediacaran (580 Ma)! The same greenstones run all the way through King Island under Bass Straight to Tasmania!

depi vic

You enter the beach from the end of Kitty Miller Road and head east. Low tide is best so as to see more rocks safely. On the western shore from the entrance you’ll be able to spot columnar jointed basalt of Cenozoic (~5 Ma) age.

Walking towards Kitty Miller Bay, you’ll stumble over basalt boulders and if you look carefully enough you might be able to find agate, chalcedony and zeolites from a weathered zeolite chamber.

Kitty Miller Bay

There are also a couple of dikes which cut through the region before you come to the large mound – Kennon Head. You can climb Kennon Head or skirt down the side of it into Kitty Miller Bay where you’ll see ahead Speke Wreck. In the distance past the wreck is the unconformity (red) with the Neo-Proterozoic greenstone rocks. The recent basalt flows come into contact with the greenstones in this region.

Kitty Miller Bay, Philip Island
Kitty Miller Bay, Philip Island

Pre-Cambrian rocks are rare in Victoria, as is Chalcedony and agate! It’s a great adventure for kids (and adults) or an interesting place to stop before a surf and learn a bit about Victoria’s geology. 

Red Rocks
Red Rocks

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